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November 14     Speaker Dr. Mary Jane Ingui & husband Bill
I have a PowerPoint Presentation about my recently published book (through, "Trauma and Tenacity in Vietnam: A Surgeon's Story," which has been well received by the Vierra Rotary, Vero Beach Rotary and Sebastian Rotary last month. The timeframe is about 20-35 minutes / slides, conversation, Q&A. 

The book is a compelling account of a young surgeon’s unique Vietnam War deployment. The author, a news correspondent and college professor, Dr. Mary Jane Ingui, conducted extensive research to bring Capt. Sheldon Kushner MD’s experiences to life. Dr. Kushner is a native Alabaman who now lives in the Mobile area, grew up in Montgomery in the home once owned by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and studied medicine at the University of Alabama Medical School.
Through letters, reel-to-reel tape recordings, slides and personal interviews, Dr. Ingui captures the defining period in Dr. Kushner’s medical life: his stationing in Vinh Long, Vietnam, from 1968-69. When we think of the Vietnam War and medicine, the M*A*S*H image of treating American soldiers wounded in combat tends to come to mind. However, what is singular about Dr. Kushner’s experiences is that he used his medical skills to care for wounded Vietnamese civilians. Dr. Kushner effectively participated in an effort by our government to showcase America’s compassion and win the hearts and minds of the South Vietnamese people by improving their health conditions.  
  12:30 PM1:00 PM
August 22     Speaker Marshall Frank

Marshall Frank will be speaking at the CBRC.  He is a retired homicide detective (30 years Miami-Dade Police Dept), author of 14 books (including two books on radical Islam), editorial columnist for Florida Today. Marshall is also a former symphony violinist. He will speak on a blend of topics from capital punishment, prison and sentencing reform, cops and race relations, mass shootings/gun control/mental illness and the threat of Radical Islam in America.

  12:30 PM1:00 PM









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