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 Speaker: Project LYFT
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April 2020 Events
April 1     Virtual Meeting via Zoom video conferencing
Meeting link

Conference line (backup in case having issues with a computer)
669.900.6833 once connected please enter meeting ID 380 316 105# upon hearing next set of prompts please enter #

I'm going to assist as many of our members as possible with the login in. Our meeting, as always will start at noon, but members can begin logging in at 11:30am. 
Meeting can be joined from computer or a tablet. A smart phone is also an option, but due to the screen size the experience will not be the same
When ready to join please click on meeting room link (its the same link as above)
you will need to download software onto your computer/tablet so just follow the prompts agreeing to download and install... (ZOOM is one of the most reputable and very secure systems used across many organizations so there should be no concerns about downloading the software)
Once connected you might get prompts asking to allow microphone and camera be used so click YES (we want to hear and see you!)
Once connected please be mindful of your background noise or if you have too much noise Marcin WILL mute you, haha. 
You have ability to mute yourself... look around on your screen for a logo that looks like a microphone and tap it. When muted there will be a red line across the microphone.
The goal of virtual meeting is to be engaged so plan on having your video camera turned on (it will be ON by default)... therefore be mindful of your environment!
Since we will have multiple people during the meeting it will take a bit of adjustment so we don't talk over each other, therefore please yield to Dick whenever asked.
  12:00 PM1:00 PM
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April 15     Speaker: Project LYFT
  12:30 PM1:00 PM
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